With over 25 years of experience, we combine research expertise with high end video and digital production skills. Our videos are used across organisations to communicate messages and to help in marketing, sales and training. They are viewed on websites, at conferences and meetings to engage and inspire. We have an international network and work to tight deadlines.


We offer a range of methodologies including observational, vox pops, depths, diaries and segmentation videos. We have an international network of experienced researchers trained to interview for film, who can conduct either original or illustrative research.

Get Creative

Our creative unit focuses on providing high quality, imaginative and impactful films that communicate marketing, training and advertising messages. We film on high end cameras and edit using motion graphics and animations.


Share your videos throughout your company so that many departments can benefit. We offer a full consultancy, design and implementation service to help you do this, including producing bespoke online video portals and workshops.

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