Market Research and Communication Videos

From talking heads and ethnographic consumer films through to creative animations and infographics, we bring people, data and insights to life.


Using Video in market research brings consumers, insights, data and messages to life in an engaging, relevant and memorable way. It captures body language, behaviour and opinions and provides a genuine, authentic lens on respondents’ lives and actions.

Let our work speak for itself and see how clients have used video to bring their insights and messages to life.

Client Testimonials

"Super quick and flexible turnaround - great outputs, thank you!"
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"The team was very responsive and very quick, amazing turnaround and flexibility."
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"The final product was very well received by the senior leadership team, with the videos adding significant impact to the presentation which they supported. Vox Pops International helped turn a potentially dry presentation into something much more engaging and interesting for the audience."
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"I think Vox Pops International are a brilliant agency. I work globally and they're able to meet those global expectations. Working in different markets in different languages, in terms of filming and also in terms of doing the research."
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