Our range of services offers our clients the ability to gather research, creatively illustrate insights, and manage and share content across their organisations.



Use video to bring your segmentation studies to life.


Explore and illustrate your consumers’ attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours.

Street Interviews

Gather compelling consumer vox pops both here and abroad.

Product Testing

Investigate responses to products, concepts and advertising campaigns.

Accompanied Shops

Understand shopper behaviour and motivations.

Flip Boards

Elicit consumer reaction in an impactful and engaging way.

Mobile Ethnography

Use video diaries to attain authentic and in-the-moment insights.

Expert Voices

Add impact to your communications through talking heads.

Event Filming

Capture the buzz of your event and gather feedback from attendees.



Convey your research or messages using bespoke animation and motion graphics.


Illustrate your facts in a digestible and impactful way.

Kinetic Text

Words in motion. Turn your audio into a dynamic animation.

Consumer Films

Create compelling, emotive and filmic consumer stories.

Added Graphics

Add further creativity and context to your video.

Video Presentations

Present mixed media with maximum impact.


With the advent of the amount of video footage created there is always a demand for a simple way to manage and use it across an organisation. Over the years clients have used it on plasma screens, at conferences and via portals. We have over 8 years’ experience in creating company video portals, for Nokia, Unilever, HTC, Costa Coffee and Direct Line.

We either produce a standard or bespoke portal, depending on the client’s need. All our clients benefit from a ClientZone where their company videos are stored. In the bespoke portals clients have an option to ‘clip’ from the videos and take out just what they want, when they want.

Watch this presentation by our Unilever client to see how they used it for the ‘Daily Consumer’ Initiative