Market Research and Communication Videos

We produce videos and animations for market research, marketing and training departments, bringing to life consumers, colleagues, insights and data

Research Methods

We conduct and organise intercept and depth interviews, groups, ethnography, flipboards, observational and video diaries. We work with end clients and agencies to support and illustrate ongoing research. Our research methods are qualitative by nature and we offer a full service, including recruitment, consultancy, creative input, fieldwork, video production and analysis.

Getting Creative

We create video stories using marketing, customer and colleague insights, either with footage filmed by us, by others or self generated. We visualise data, add graphics, cutaways and animation to our videos to make them engaging and impactful.

Video Portals

We help our clients share video content effortlessly across their organisations via portals and mobile devices.

Let our work speak for itself and see how clients have used video to bring their insights and messages to life.

Client Testimonials

”Went very well and turned out to be a very good use of a bit of leftover budget.”

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“Super quick and flexible turnaround – great outputs, thank you!”

ebay logo

”I’m really pleased with how the final video looks and with your involvement in the project throughout. The communication throughout the project as well as the instructions in how to work with VoxPops, selecting quotes, etc. were both excellent.”

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“The team spoke to our target consumers to understand their attitudes towards health as well as probing their lifestyle choices. The footage was put together in a creative way that was very much in line with our brand and with the creative work that our in-house team produces.”

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