Interactive video is already proving to greatly increase your consumer reach, while also drastically improving engagement levels across all platforms. Fast becoming a go-to insight strategy for those who have already made the plunge. So, we collated our 5 most stand-out reasons why you should pay attention to the world of interactive video.

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5 Reasons why you need Interactive Video

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1. Interaction = Engagement

For any video sat online or on a company intranet, 100% engagement is a virtual impossibility! No video can boast this. But a video that you have to interact with to move the narrative on… well, it’s about as close as you can get to guaranteed engagement. Of course, a viewer could stop at any time, but from that first click, they’ve already made the leap from passive viewer to active participant, and so your all-important message has a far greater chance of being heard.

2. Controlling the narrative

Yes, interactive video allows the viewer to create their own unique experience, but through your guidance. Shape the video to push your audience in the direction you please or let them discover it for themselves. The possibilities are plenty and aren’t confined to the four walls of generic video production.

3. Make sure they're paying attention

It’s never normally possible to see if a viewer has actually taken away the message you wanted them to, apart from making it blindingly obvious or testing a bunch of people before it goes live. Well, interactive video gives you an alternative… questions – in – the – video! Within the viewing experience and perhaps before the viewer can move the narrative along you can ask them questions about what they just saw, creating a streamlined, immersive way of getting quick accurate feedback.

4. It's easy to track and analyse

Every clickable scene/chapter/hotspot… everything in an interactive video is trackable and accountable. After your audience has watched it you can analyse exactly what they saw, and for how long, telling you what your audience wants to see now and perhaps more of in the future.

Never has it been so straightforward to collect tangible viewer data – goodbye guesswork 👋 

5. Stand Out!

Most importantly, interactive video is the most engaging, and the most fun video content available for your viewer. Having the ability to bend to each viewer’s story of choice. You can now light up an individual’s timeline and connect with them, like never before. The results will speak for themselves.

It is no secret that video production is taking over modern insight reporting and marketing strategy. The digitalisation of the world means this is the way we must connect with people. Interactive video allows this relationship to work both ways, but it won’t be a secret for long. With interactive video already gaining momentum, with absolutely no signs of slowing down, don’t be left behind.

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