Who are Vox Pops International ?

Vox Pops International is a full-service agency that provides recruitment, interviewing, filming, editing, production and animation services to create compelling video content.

We help organisations to understand their customers and embed key messages – streamlining communications and increasing engagement.

Watch Our Showreel
Watch Our Showreel
Our Story

Vox Pops International has been innovating for over 25 years. Read our story to get to the heart of what Vox Pops International do and find out why we are still market leaders.


Vox Pops International begins conducting filmed interviews with the public to visualise target audiences for market research. Pioneering the use of video in research, VPI creates a standardised qualitative research methodology to bring customers to life across the globe.


Long before the first camera phones, VPI is delivering video cameras to consumers across to globe to create user-generated content. Motivated by the goal of using new video capabilities to transform qualitative research, VPI continues to innovate new ways of visualising customer insight.

BY 1999

VPI has begun producing customer insight portals to help researchers communicate their insights. Videos created for market research purposes are now adding value across a range of business roles. Sales managers are using product-testing videos to get buy-in. Training leaders are using customer videos in staff workshops. Customers are becoming more central to business decision making across the board.

IN 2005

The success of video research gives rise to a new form of customer video that is designed to illustrate existing findings and communicate customer insight. Day in the life videos and persona videos are new methods of bringing segmentation studies and target customer groups to life.

BY 2009

VPI has developed an in-house 2d animation studio. Organisations are investing more money into communicating research (as opposed to just conducting it) to ensure their research is impactful and adds real value. Working with the trend, VPI begins to offer animation as an alternative method of visualising data and communicating key facts.

BY 2015

The demand for customer voices and stories has increased as organisations focus on connecting with consumers. Genuine customers are featured in advertisements, testimonials are pride-of-place on company websites and target customers are increasingly present in brand identity. VPI’s experience in market research interviews and illustrative video storytelling allows us to grow naturally into this space, now creating videos for external use as well as internal.


Over the next few years, VPI undergoes a new wave of innovation driven by advancements in technology. Automated Animations are developed, allowing organisations report on-going data using template videos. Personalised Video is launched to facilitate the mass-creation of thousands of videos, individual to each viewer.


VPI continues to find new methods of helping organisations understand and communicate information relating to their customers or colleagues. Our heritage in market research has made us the market leaders when it comes to visualising real people and telling stories through video.

Through our constant pursuit to help businesses make the most of their data, our in-house animators have become specialists at communicating key messages in an engaging and visual format. We are at the forefront of innovation in automated video techniques and have lots more planned in this space already.

How We Help
Video Research
Since 1990, VPI has been conducting filmed interviews to visualise market research and collect consumer feedback. These interviews can be intercept (on-location), pre-recruited or self-filmed responses. We interview consumers on the streets, in their homes, at events, in stores, stations and almost anywhere else in the world! Test your products or ads, or develop new understanding of your audiences.
Customer Closeness
If you are trying to improve customer-centricity, video is a powerful tool, but you need to consider your audience. Unlike primary video research, to improve customer closeness, you need to engage your colleagues. VPI create videos that enable your colleagues to put customers at the heart of decision making. We tell powerful stories, visualise different environments and show the human side to your customers.
Video Marketing
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to build connections with your customers and encourage genuine brand loyalty. VPI are the experts when it comes to telling the stories of real people. Whether you are sharing a message directly from the CEO, showcasing customer testimonials, capturing the atmosphere at an event or demonstrating the value of your product - VPI create content that gets to the heart of your marketing message.
Training Videos
According to research by Forbes, viewers can retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. Using video in learning and development is the best way to communicate key information. Animations allow you to simplify complex messages, whilst video provides the opportunity to visualise real people. Video also ensures consistent messaging, as well as increasing engagement in workshops and sessions.

What our clients say

This is an image of the ITV brand logo.

"The Vox Pops team were very helpful from start to finish and I'm happy with the end result."

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"The ability to connect with consumers without having to really think about it is a huge benefit to people... It is having a really tangible impact."

This is an image of the Pepsico and Lipton brand logos.

"The end result was great, much better than expected. VPI were extremely supportive and professional."

This is an image of the Costa Coffee brand logo.

"Vox Pops were brilliant at keeping us updated and completely understood the time pressures that we were facing. They understood our vision for the clip and did a brilliant job of making suggestions."


"Fantastic experience working with the Vox Pops team. Completely painless process and delighted with the final product. Thought they challenged appropriately where required and provoked some good discussions around content. Look forward to working with again very soon."

This is an image of the Sky brand logo.

"Fantastic work, speedy delivery, flexible approach to a challenging brief. Really excellent work all round from VPI. We were really happy with the outputs with no complaints."

This is an image of the Unilever and Dove brand logos.

"Team answered my request quickly and directly understood needs and requirements thus requiring little involvement from me."

This is an image of the Innocent Drinks brand logo.
Watch the video testimonial

"This was a great project for Innocent and Vox Pops. The film created, really brought to life our consumer and was executed in a way that felt professional, creative and very on brand. The Vox Pops team put up with endless feedback to get the film into the best place for us and we now have plenty of assets which will be used throughout the business."

This is an image of the Vodafone brand logo.

"Easy to work with and quality of output is high."

This is an image of the Toyota and Lexus brand logos.

"Great - worked with you before so as expected great output and quick to brief."

This is an image of the o2 brand logo.

"From start to finish the project went well and the end result is really impressive - it showcases the Go Think Big programme in a clear, concise and engaging video, which we haven't been able to do for quite a while. "

This is an image of Southern Housing Group's brand logo.

"The project went really well & was exceptionally quick. The service was very personable and Steve really listened to our requirements and designed the project around us. I really have no criticism or constructive feedback because from beginning to end it was very easy to do business with you, you produced an animated video that exceeded my expectations and you were great to work with."

This is an image of the General Mills and Haagen Dazs brand logos.

"The project was seamless and progressed according to plan."

This is an image of the Marks & Spencer brand logo.

"Great team so polite friendly and helpful. Great follow up too with edits."

This is a copy of the Mind Charity company logo.

"The team were all fantastic - very efficient and helpful. We're absolutely thrilled with the end result and look forward to using the video in a variety of ways (on our website, including it in proposals and presentations etc)"

This is an image of The FCA brand logo.
See the full case study

"Vox Pops were excellent to work with, understood clearly what we wanted and got us to a final product that was very well received. In terms of things to improve, these were pretty minor."

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"Lovely team to work with, very organised and precise. The client loved the end result and we loved it too!! Great work guys!"

This is an image of Cherwell Software's brand logo.

"Excellent quality and very good support."

This is an image of Co-op Funeralcare's brand logo.

"Vox Pops were very helpful, had good insight and provided useful feedback and recommendations. The project was delivered in the timescales agreed which were quite tight! Kept in regular contact and I knew where we were up to at each step of the way."

This is an image of the Wavemaker brand logo.

"Really pleased with VPI's ability to work with our very tight timeframe, the drafting of a discussion guide which really helped us time-wise and the final outputs!"

This is an image of the Unilever and Hellman's brand logos.

"Excellent service and very helpful especially with editing and helping with expertise to get us to the desired outcome"

This is an image of the DCM company logo.
See the full case study

"VPI really understood the brief and what we were trying to achieve with this voxpop. The process was smooth, well run and we're really pleased with the final product."

This is an image of the Publicis Groupe company logo.

"Smooth process, flexible team adapting to our needs. Quick response and good understanding of our objective."

This is an image of the Lelo company logo.

"The end result was completely on point and lived up to our vision we had for this from the very beginning. The briefing process was simple and we felt the team at Vox Pops agency were completely on the same page from the very start. Great team, great process and amazing result."

This is an image of the Good Stuff Media Agency logo.

"The project and end result was extremely positive, the team were very flexible and communicative throughout meaning we were all on the same page throughout the entirety of the project. Vox pops proved to go above and beyond for this project which was not straight forward."

This is an image of the Pepsico company logo.
See the full case study

"Very good even in stretch timing - very good discussions with the team throughout the process."

This is an image of Seabrook crisp brand logo.

"The project and end result was extremely positive, the team were very flexible and communicative throughout meaning we were all on the same page throughout the entirety of the project. Vox pops proved to go above and beyond for this project which was not straight forward."

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