Who are Vox Pops International?

Vox Pops International is an international qualitative market research agency that delivers research findings and tells compelling stories through impactful videos and animations.

Whether you’re using video as primary research or to illustrate existing data, Vox Pops International brings your insights to life, communicating key messages via visual, emotive and unforgettable content.

As a qualitative market research agency, our methodology is typically interview based. We manage recruitment, discussion guide design, filming & interviewing, analysis and quote selection. Each step of this research process can be managed entirely by VPI, or as a collaboration with our clients.

Once the research stage is complete, VPI work to the brief to create impactful video content that encapsulates your research objectives and engages your senior leaders, external departments or consumers.

For animation projects, we work with our clients to create a storyboard and script that is concise, informative and on-brand. Our in-house animation studio, Rubber Duck Animation, then create visual representations that drive home key messages in a fun and creative way.

Who we work with

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