Who we work with
Vox Pops International work for insight, training and communication departments, delivering films and animations that embed messages and insights.  We use real people, real data and real intelligence in our films and animations to tell powerful stories. Set up 30 years ago, we were the first company to use video to conduct and deliver market research and we work with leading clients and agencies worldwide.  Our films and animations bring people and data to life, visualising insights to create impact and build connections. Vox Pops International design and tailor every project to meet the client’s objectives.  Our approaches include intercept vox pops and set up depths – in home or on location.  We also run mobile video diary projects with the focus on quality of respondents and responses.
We have trained market researchers and interviewers in-house, as well as a research savvy production team and creative animators, meaning we produce films that are insightful AND have high production values, with absolutely no trade off.  Over the years we have developed best practice in recruitment, interviewing, analyzing and editing. Using video as the medium to deliver results. We also build video portals so that organisations can share and download the films we create, making them accessible for all.
We work collaboratively with each of our clients and are flexible to their changing needs. We’re extremely responsive and can turn projects and edits around at speed when required. We never miss a deadline!
Global Network
Vox Pops International work in over 50 markets and have an international network of talented producers, researchers, and videographers. We run ongoing global video programmes for clients such as Unilever.   We translate, subtitle and run multi-country projects, taking into account time zones, culture and local requirements.

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