Long blocks of text or masses of research data can often be uninspiring and lead to disengagement. Animation can bring your core messages to life, helping to better present your research and data, and packaging it in an easy to digest format. Animation can help your message make a lasting and memorable impression, with the added key benefit of reusability, as you create content that lasts beyond a single pitch. Bringing life to your data will make messages more digestible, making sure your research is heard.


One of the key ways we help researchers get the most out of their findings is through insight summaries.  An Insight summary is the perfect way to tie together long research projects into digestible content, which can also be relied upon as a key legacy piece. They make content last and build trust, while allowing you to keep full control over your research. Read more about why Insight Summaries are the perfect way to bring your projects and messaging to life. 

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Create a Lasting Impression and Build Trust

Reusability is a key benefit of video. It has become an essential factor of research, and even more essential as an aid to any learnings from projects. But not only will the original video have serious longevity, the format allows for content which can be easily updated without serious time of financial ramifications. Meaning that data can be brought to life and reused. 


Presenting key learnings through animation will also build trust with your audience. Humanising a brand and your findings will create better relatability, which is often struggled to be found in regular pitches. Summaries of research are a stakeholder’s best friend! They’ll greatly appreciate the simplicity of message and the effort of presentation. By using clear, engaging animations, audiences won’t have to work hard to understand messaging, also the speed of message delivery in animation shouldn’t be undervalued, as we all have a short window of time to get a point across. Engaging insight summaries cut straight to the point and messages are heard coherently and quickly.

Take Control Of Your Research

There is a tremendous amount of flexibility to insight summaries, and we work with you to achieve the right balance of message prominence and creativity at all times. If you create video content all the time, or this is your first project, our Animation team is completely flexible and will work with you to find a bespoke style that works for your brand and your project. Whether that means following strict brand and or tone of voice guidelines, or creating completely new and organic content, we have done it all. Over time we have developed a refined process to make sure your project runs smoothly, and that you are in as much control as you need every step of the way. From Kick Off to Final Tweaks it has never been easier to create animation which perfectly reflects your research and wows your audience. 

Enquiry 17%
Script Creation and Voice Over 33%
Style Development 50%
Written Treatment and Detailed Style Frames 67%
Design and Animation 83%
Final Tweaks and Subtitling 100%

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