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Popular Styles Of Animation


Explainer Animation

At least 65% of people are visual learners. Ensure key learnings are understood and remembered. Whether you chose to include characters, text or charts, this animation service is well suited to educate your audience using a helpful and guiding tone.
Mind Case Study


Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is a brilliantly simple animation service that can be used to communicate key messages or visualise existing audio recordings. Use kinetic typography to bring call centre audio to life, present key findings from focus group sessions, or create content that works without sound – ideal for social media!
Missing People Case Study


Hybrid Animations

This approach incorporates a mix of animation, charts, graphics and/or illustrations into a video. From simple charts or text right through to augmenting reality, adding animation to your video content allows you an extra level of creative flair.
HMCTS Case Study


Data Visualisation

Your data matters, but it can also be very difficult to communicate in a way that makes sense. Our data visualisation service helps your audience understand the meaning behind your data and why it is important. Also known as video infographics, these business animations help you drive action and inspire data led change.
5 Facts Animation

Personalised Animation

Personalised Animation

If increasing engagement is your goal, a personalised animation service is the best tool for you. Include your customers' names, policy info, perks & benefits, purchase history and any other data you have access to. Address your audience directly and communicate information unique to each recipient!
Co-op Case Study


Automated Animation

Through technical wizardry, these animated videos update automatically to match your data. Transfer numbers, wording and statistics from a spreadsheet directly into your video time and again. A powerfully automated animation service to create a new video every time your data refreshes.

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