Customisable, personalised and automated animations

Find out about a ground-breaking new opportunity in video animation – automation. It is now possible to create animation videos which change and adjust automatically according to information contained within a linked spreadsheet or database. This opens up possibilities such as individual recipient personalisation and progress reporting through just one template animation. Ultimately, you can get as creative as you like with this – presenting your data in an extraordinarily responsive and engaging way. See the explainer videos below or read on for more inspiration.

Data tracking animations

Perhaps you have a report which tracks internal progress of a campaign? All it takes for an Automated Animation to update is for the spreadsheet to update, and a simple re-synchronisation process.

This means we can produce just one Automated Animation, perhaps showing the weekly sales/engagement figures, which can be updated week-on-week. This provides the opportunity to propel your internal comms and campaign/sales/growth tracking into a completely different league – with staff receiving a new animated video in their inbox every week.

Personalised Animations

Do you have a mailing list with data about your customers? Perhaps you know their location? Or you know which cars your customers drive…

Just one Automated Animation can be used to send to the whole list, and it will adjust itself depending on the synchronised data. Whatever info you have about your target audience, the animation will adjust to suit, making the video significantly more engaging by communicating directly with it’s recipient.