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Automated Animation

Create hundreds of animations at the click of a button

Transform your data into video

Automated animations draw on spreadsheet data and use it to create animated videos for creative visualisation. When your data updates, refresh your video at the click of a button!

No more boring powerpoint! Bring your data to life with compelling and memorable content. Use the link between an automated animation your data to:

  • Create hundreds of animations all at once, to match different datasets.
  • Refresh your animation regularly to sync with changing data. 

Video examples and walkthroughs

Let's get automating

Automated animation opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to data visualisation. 

Bring creativity and engagement to every presentation. Refresh your data and render out a new animation whenever your data changes. That could be quarterly, monthly or even daily. Use the power of video communication for data visualisation more often, and at the fraction of the cost. 

Examples of data that our clients have automated:

  • A leading broadcaster visualised customer engagement data across multiple international markets. They won an industry award!
  • A global consultancy firm continue to present on-going research data surrounding leading international brands.
  • A UK government department used automated animations visualise its monthly digital marketing performance stats.
  • A British catering firm used automated animations to visualise NPS data on an on-going basis.
  • A leading international bank is creating an automated animation to present data around on-going sales and marketing performance.


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