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September 25, 2017 | Blog by Steve Wyatt

  So you’ve done the research. You know who your target consumer is. But how do you make sure everyone else understands who they are, just as well as you do? Or how do you enrich the existing learning and bring it all to life? Film offers the opportunity to embed your target consumer, segments, […]

July 5, 2017 | Blog by Laurence Gibbons

Safety is now a bigger concern for white goods owners following the recent Grenfell disaster, we can reveal. We hit the streets to discuss how concerned people were about the safety of their fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers and found that most had never considered that they might be a safety risk. But […]

Featured | Blog by Seb Smith

We are conducting qualitative video research with the Over 50s this year, using a variety of methodologies including vox pops, focus groups and video diaries.  The key insights are then presented as short videos which we share on our YouTube and website channels.  If you want to get involved by adding a question or topic, […]

Featured | Blog by Seb Smith

Over-50s warn retailers “Treat us like we’re invisible or stupid and we won’t come back!” As part of our ongoing video research series, we spoke with the ‘over-50s’ age group and uncovered their customer experience expectations of retailers and the pros & cons of in-store and online shopping. In the UK there are over 23.6 […]

Featured | Blog by Laurence Gibbons

Rapid advances in technology still tops the key trend list for the research and insight industry. AI, mobile, social media, big data, video and passive data gathering were all singled out as key trends affecting the market research industry – largely driven by the need to be more efficient. But how we bring insight to […]

Featured | Blog by Anna Hastie

With the gap between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn closing by the day, we asked voters about their hopes and fears post Election Day and who they think might be victorious tomorrow. We wanted to know which policies struck a chord and what in the UK has been influencing their vote and helping shape their […]

Featured | Blog by Laurence Gibbons

Listen! Remember what you’re taught, or you’ll spend your whole life flipping burgers! That’s what a college lecturer once told me when I was studying English, whilst also flipping beef patties at my local Burger King restaurant. I did listen and I’m pleased to say I haven’t flipped a burger in over a decade, but […]

Featured | Blog by Laurence Gibbons

As a video production company that helps organisations communicate ideas, data, and target consumers with impact – we often deal with difficult and sensitive content. It could be that the topic is taboo, emotionally provocative, or highly charged and complex. It might be that research has uncovered some uncomfortable truths and you are wondering how […]

Featured | Blog by Salena Katiyar

Creating actionable insight is an ongoing challenge for both qualitative and quantitative research. Given the ever-increasing volume of messages we’re exposed to it’s now even more crucial that insight finds a way to cut through the noise to impact behaviour and understanding. During this year’s AURA conference, when research and insight professionals shared perspectives on […]

Featured | Blog by Steve Wyatt

Exciting new technological innovations, scientific advancements and new and interesting research techniques are fuelling a bright new era of qual. Massive opportunities are being presented to the industry as a result, but these come with substantial challenges too. So in a world where qual becomes more digital and the lines between qual and quant become […]

Featured | Blog

Using video alongside traditional qualitative methods is now well established. Watch our recent animation that talks about the ways it is now used. 5 key questions to consider when deciding on video for research: Type of responses required? – is it depth, is it illustrating existing research, is it ethnographic, is it fly on the […]

Featured | Blog by Laurence Gibbons

Millennials are overspending on toiletries every month as a result of the growing variety of products available to add to their daily personal care routines. Most millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – said they spent between £15-£30 a month on personal care products, with some admitting to spending upwards of £100. They […]

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