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Enlivening Insight Still Key Amidst Technology Developments in Market Research

Rapid advances in technology still tops the key trend list for the research and insight industry. AI, mobile, social media, big data, video and passive data gathering were all singled out as key trends affecting the market research industry – largely driven by the need to be more efficient. But how we bring insight to life is still vital for driving maximum value from research.

Vox Pops International was the official video sponsor of’s Market Research Summit 2017. Whilst we were there, we took the opportunity to ask industry experts about their outlook for the market research industry and the key trends that are on their radars.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For some, the very mention of artificial intelligence conjures up images of a robot uprising that enslaves mankind and leaves the human race obsolete – or to be slightly less dramatic, steals all our jobs. But AI will work alongside human market researchers to make jobs easier and more efficient. The research industry will soon adopt more machine learning algorithms and intelligent models for processing large amounts of data and replicating human actions. These bots will make jobs less repetitive, but they still haven’t developed empathy or an emotional awareness that is essential in a lot of market research. Are the bots taking over or is human interaction still vital in research? Hear more in this debate by visiting this blog.

Mobile and passive

Unsurprisingly, the role the mobile phone currently plays and will continue to play for future years was also a hot topic. Researchers highlighted that by taking advantage of the GPS capabilities of mobiles it allowed them to passively gather data from people. Valuable information that can be gathered this way ranges from store, event or restaurant visits to how long people spend in a certain location.

Social media

Think social media was simply a tool for looking at cute videos of animals and hilarious memes? Think again! We have been using social media analytics to inform marketing decisions and to target consumers for years, but the wealth of data our social media accounts can tell researchers about us is bewildering. It’s moved further than tracking brand mentions, and is proving useful for gaining insight from what we are posting and saying about ourselves within our profiles, and for creating an immediate dialogue between a researcher and a consumer in a ‘comfortable’ and informal space.


As the original video market research agency we are obviously big advocates for this trend, and we promise we didn’t force Iain Janes to mention this as one of his top trends for the coming year ahead.

Firstly, this trend is fuelled by mobile and apps and the ease at gathering video that comes with that. With the advent of cameras on mobile and sharing apps, it has never been easier to gather video diaries and access a wide cross section of the public’s opinions, thoughts and feelings on anything from Brexit to Beyonce.

Secondly, using video to bring insight to life is a critical part of helping research make an impact. Videos and animations are a key tool for turning data and insight into a story – which is memorable, impactful, creates emotional connections with consumers and drives action throughout an organisation. We talk more about packing a punch with insight in our 5 Ways to Create Actionable Insights article.

If you need help bringing customers, colleagues, insight or data to life through engaging videos, get in touch. At Vox Pops International we have more than 25-years’ experience in creating engaging video that helps your research gain the vital cut though it needs to fuel change across your business.

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