With Christmas just around the corner, we just had to take advantage of our Pool and ask some festive questions to the UK public. The Pool is a monthly syndicated video shoot where we get opinions from the British public through intercepting street interviews. Clients include 2 questions and we get to ask what we are interested in as well! On this Christmas themed shoot we asked questions around what is essential to consumers this Christmas, where they will be shopping, and even where they will buy their cards! 


Amongst all the brand names there is a clear want to shop locally and help support a local community. “But obviously we live in a world where Grandchildren want things that you can’t buy locally”. This battle for sustainable shopping against modern consumer needs may be why we have seen huge rises in the popularity of sites such as Ebay, and Etsy. With Amazon offering second hand options it has helped make supporting local businesses much easier. It also highlights a preference for online shopping, mostly seen as a more convenient option to the high-street. 


Further questioning looked at defining what is essential to people this time of year. Family, food, movies, and markets are all key. The misery of Lockdown is still a strong memory and people are hoping for better this year, including a white Christmas! In terms of where Brits buy their Christmas cards we found it varies from The Card Factory through to Charity shops. Key reasons include the need for range, design, and the recurring theme of helping charity and local businesses as much as possible.

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