Video Research shows no shift in declining cinema attendance

The consistent decline in ticket sales that cinemas have been experiencing in the past 10 years doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Due to the cultural momentum in digital ownership, ‘Dinner and a movie’ has either been replaced, with ‘Netflix and chill’ or more social/experiential movie-going, such as Secret Cinema and Open Air cinema experiences.

The flexibility and cost of digital streaming services is, in part, the reason why the number of cinema-goers has been reduced. Busy urban lifestyle and high living costs also mean that people are likely to forgo trips to the cinema in exchange for other experiences.

In addition, the rise of experiential cinema is proving to be something that is bringing the social element back into going to the cinema, allowing people to combine these experiences with social commitments. Secret Cinema, provides an immersive experience that is giving traditional cinema-going audiences a chance to become part of films, and Open Air cinema takes the formality out of the cinema-going experience.

What next?

Though there are steps being taken, and traditional cinema is ‘upping its game’ by adding 3D screens, VIP seats, or food and drink sent to your seat during the film, there needs to be continued consideration of how traditional cinema can compete, and get the attention of fast-paced living now.

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