How Asda used Flip Boards to capture engaging consumer insights

In January 2014 Asda used our flip board approach to gain reactions from consumers shopping in the supermarket’s meat aisle. Asda wanted us to find out what shoppers thought makes up a ‘perfect Sunday dinner’, as well as their positive views on their new ‘chicken in a bag’ product.

In order to create the film, Vox Pops spent a day asking 30 Asda customers at a store in Roehampton, Greater London, questions about their perfect sunday roast. We asked consumers to write their answers on the flip boards, look into the camera, flip the board over and say their responses out loud.  We also asked them to do a version without speaking. Additionally,  we provided Asda with portrait stills of the consumers holding the the flip boards with their answers on.

Image of two respondents taking part in a flip board vox pop video interview.
Vox pops video produced by vox pops international in an Asda store to capture key customer insight.

The Asda Insight team then used two videos, each 1 minute in length, at a conference, which was focused on their meat aisle and consumer needs. The videos were used as a creative way of helping to engage the audience on this subject matter.

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