Using video to communicate important information and increase engagement with L&D

As part of a drive to educate their international stores in offering excellent service every time, the Operations team at Costa wanted to develop a series of training resources under the umbrella of Costa in a Box. They had developed a new online training platform known as Costa Way, which we created an animation to launch internally. Training videos were then created to be uploaded onto this online platform and were shared globally to demonstrate best practice.

Step 1 - Launch with animation

Costa wanted to communicate the Costa in a Box message in a positive way to their teams all over the globe, in order to win hearts and minds and ensure they felt empowered to embrace the change and encouraged to make the most of the platform Costa had been developing.

To meet Costa’s requirements, we produced a complex animation, which bought this new platform to life in an engaging way, explaining what this business change was all about and why it was happening. The piece was successful in meeting the objective of both exciting the colleagues and encouraging them to take on the new platform with both hands!

Screenshot taken from Costa Way animation.
Step 2 - Video content for the platform

VPI assisted Costa in producing a series of films to populate the platform with relevant and engaging learning resources. Here are two key examples:

The Customer Journey

One of the key messages Costa wanted to push, was that good customer service and a well-presented store leads to a better customer journey and a higher value sale per customer.

VPI met their brief by producing a point-of-view film told through the eyes of the customer. We started by filming how a store shouldn’t be presented (messy cabinets, not being served quickly, limited interaction from staff) and highlighted these issues through added graphics. The film then progressed to repeat the customer journey, but with the store being perfectly set up and staff offering the best experience possible. We also showed on screen what this meant in terms of the impact on the monetary value of that customer.

Day in the life

As part of sharing best practice, they wanted to produce a film which shows a typical day in the life of a store manager. It was important that as well as sharing the practical tasks the store managers have to fulfil, that they also presented the character and enthusiasm that store managers should exhibit as well.

We met the brief by interviewing one of Costa’s store managers, at a UK store, as well as filming a series of b-roll shots that show practical tasks and procedures that store managers carry out – these included actions like end of day check-ins, colleague development and checking the store floor.

While also being an informative film about the practicalities of the job, it was also engaging and presented the role as something fast paced and exciting.

Client Feedback

“Seamless working experience Vox Pops are a delight to collaborate with, really listening to the brief and what’s needed.Operations Manager, Costa

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