Using customers' voices in your marketing campaigns

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) are market leaders in cinema advertising. They help advertisers build strong brand awareness, be perceived as unique, and create a memorable message that turns captivated audiences into paying customers.

We worked with DCM to create an engaging video to be used as part of their marketing and communications strategy. The main objective was to hear from real horror enthusiasts about their love of the genre, what it means to watch a scary movie at the cinema and to explore what they think of cinema advertising.

The purpose of the video was to visualise the true excitement and passion of the cinema-going horror audience before the show, to help DCM demonstrate the potential of this advertising space and the benefits that cinema advertising has over other traditional forms of advertising.

Our Approach

Vox Pops International conducted filmed vox pops interviews with 16 to 30 year-olds at a cinema in London, speaking with them before and after watching a horror film. This way, we were able to capture their anticipation (and fear) beforehand and discuss which ads stuck in their mind afterwards.

As the final edit was being used for marketing and communications purposes, it needed to be as creative and engaging as possible. As well as filming the vox pops interviews with a two-camera setup, we also captured b-roll of the cinema environment to set the scene for the viewer.

In order to truly bring to life the horror genre, we kicked off the final edit with a black and white, horror-inspired intro montage and added a number of effects to the on-screen questions.

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It was a pleasure working with DCM on this project and this is what they had to say about our work on the video. VPI “really understood the brief and what we were trying to achieve with this voxpop. The process was smooth, well run and we’re really pleased with the final product.”

Image of vox pops interviews taking place in a cinema to create a talking heads video.
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