Interviews from around the world on the topic of conditioner

The Dove division was running a workshop looking at habits and attitudes of conditioner and non-conditioner users. As such, they wanted to carry out some qualitative research and bring the consumer to life in their key markets, with an overall view to get their teams to come together and see how they can better communicate with consumers of conditioner.

We met this brief by carrying out a day of vox pops interviews in each of their key markets; the USA, Brazil and China – speaking to both conditioner users and non-users. The overriding research objective was to ask consumers what benefit they feel conditioner brings, and why they choose to use the category. We turned this project around in 2 weeks, from start to finish and the videos were used at an internal workshop event, to bring teams closer to the consumer.


“The team answered my request quickly and directly understood my needs and requirements, thus requiring little involvement from myself.”
Fanny Perreau, CMI Dove Global


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