How the FCA combined interviews with animation to communicate their message

This April, 2018, VPI created a hybrid video/animation for the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to be used for external communications. The FCA have been regulating the consumer credit market since 2014, with a specific focus on tackling high cost consumer credit options like payday loans. Our job was to create a video that showed both the impact and the significance of the FCA’s work in this sector.

Over the last 4 years, the regulations that have been put into place by the FCA have had a significant impact on the consumer credit market; helping to safeguard and protect people from harm when they use high-cost credit.

These statistics provide key insights into the success of the FCA’s regulations, but it was also important that we demonstrate the real-world significance that their work has for consumers. To combine the statistical data with insights from the people who are affected most, VPI produced the following video, which was shared externally via the FCA on their website and social media.

Hybrid videos that combine interview footage with an animated storyboard are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. The video above makes use of three of our different approaches to video production, which are listed below, along with the justification for these approaches.

Depth interviews

Depth interviews are one of the best ways to help an audience really connect with consumers and understand their ‘real-life’ insights. For the above video, VPI conducted in-depth interviews with respondents who had been negatively affected by high cost credit borrowing. We created a discussion guide and probed for insights surrounding the respondents’ experience of high cost credit. Seeing real people discuss these personal insights in their everyday home environment helps the viewer to empathise with those respondents and thus contextualise the importance of the work done by the FCA.

Expert Voices

Expert Voice videos are a slightly different take on a depth interview, where the framing and set-up is modified to create a more professional and less homely tone. We interviewed Andrew Bailey, FCA CEO, stood in the FCA head office, who explained the objectives and impact of their work. The set-up here, including Andrew’s standing position, helps to create a factual ‘announcement’ style of interview that gives similar connotations to that of a news report. This approach is great for relaying information in a way that assures the viewer that you can trust the information to be fact, as opposed to opinion.


Animations are a brilliant way to explain data driven insights through visual aids that help the viewer to understand and contextualise the statistics. Clear and simple titles, icons, illustrations and characters highlight key points discussed in the voiceover or in the interviews. The visual design helps to create a story out of the data, turning potentially dry insights into captivating and digestible messages. On top of this, animations can be branded, as with the video above -ensuring that the information is delivered in a way that feels right to your consumers.

This combination of approaches worked well for the FCA, helping them deliver honest insights from consumers, valuable insight from the company CEO, and important data surrounding their work over the last 4 years. As already stated, Vox Pops are receiving an increasing number of enquiries for hybrid videos that include multiple approaches. It is important here to note that VPI can merge more approaches than just these three, allowing you to get as creative as you like. So if you have something in mind or want to find out what your options are, please get in touch.

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