How Shell used video to demonstrate the need for change

Crunch Communications, on behalf of Shell, approached Vox Pops International to create two high-end consumer films to be used at the launch of their new concept car in 2015.

The new concept, Project M, focuses on the development of a car that meets the needs of the world’s future cities. We spoke to drivers both young and old across 6 global cities to illustrate how city driving has changed as a result of increasing urbanisation.

To explore this change, and the new challenges which modern drivers face, the video juxtaposed an ‘oral history’ of the city car – in which of some of the worlds oldest surviving city drivers from around the world reminisced on what driving was like more than half a century ago – with footage of millennials driving in cities, the difficulties they experience whilst driving and the blind spots in modern cars.

We used an ‘Inside the Car’ vox pops filming approach to capture people driving in their vehicles around their own cities talking about the ‘view’ out & the challenges they face every day. Along with a number of contextual cutaway shots of the city, we incorporated an interview with Gordon Murray, the designer of Shell’s new concept city-car.

The second film, ‘The History of the City Car’, featured in-depth interviews with some of the older generation of city drivers, incorporating cutaways of their cars and stock footage of what driving in the city looked like over 80 years ago.

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