Unilever: International Video Insight

How Unilever brought their global consumers into the heart of the business with video.

Vox Pops International worked with Unilever on their Daily Consumer project over the course of roughly 2 years. The aim of the project was to capture daily video insights that would help Unilever build connections with their international consumers and improve customer intimacy. Unilever wanted to build a ‘live picture’ of consumers’ lives that could bring people from all over the world right into the core of their business.

International companies often struggle to build connections with their global consumers. Lucie Wood, CMI Unilever Homecare, explained that operating globally means ‘we simply can’t go and meet all the people we serve.’ That’s why VPI’s consumer insight videos were perfectly suited to aid the Daily Consumer project. Visualising your consumer through video and listening to them deliver insights in their own words is immeasurably more powerful than reading quotes or listening to presentations. Our videos connect consumer insights with the consumers themselves and the environments in which they live – helping to build real understanding and empathy.

Over the course of the project, VPI created over 350 videos taken from over 30 markets around the globe. We filmed over 150 consumers and captured insights covering more than 60 topics within the environment of respondents’ everyday lives. These invaluable consumer insight videos continue to have ‘a tangible effect,’ Lucie Wood explains at our VPI Video Summit.



If you would like more information about how VPI can help you to connect with your consumers – internationally or in the UK – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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