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How video helped Just Eat transform lifeless statistics into people with authentic customer experiences.

Just Eat wanted to visualise the customer ordering journey from start to finish as if they were a fly on the wall. They wanted to paint a picture of their customers that was richer than what they could achieve through data alone. The objective was to help Just Eat come closer to their customers by visualising them as real people, and the best way to do this was to use video.

In order for the insight videos to make an impact on how Just Eat visualised their customers, it was essential that the video footage came across as natural and authentic. To achieve this, Just Eat took inspiration from the hit TV show Gogglebox to create their own version: Gobblebox.

To create the video content, we recruited six households of customers who regularly ordered through the Just Eat app. We spent three hours filming with each household as they ate their dinners. They shared their thoughts on everything from the interaction with the delivery person to the packaging of the food.

Nothing stifles authenticity more than a camera in your face, so we came up with a couple of ways to foster a relaxed environment. We asked questions to incite group discussion and kept quiet to let the conversation flow, no cuts or retakes; the camera rolled. The respondents ate where they usually ate; if that was on the floor, we filmed on the floor.

Just Eat also wanted to visualise the experience, opinions and part played by their partner restaurant owners. We filmed at each of the restaurants (that the customers had ordered food from) during quiet business hours. We spent two hours filming in each restaurant, discussing with the owners and staff topics relating to the ordering experience from their perspective, and they commented on the feedback given by the households. We also filmed the restaurants cooking the ordered dishes.

Research video with Just Eat partners.

In addition to the six final videos, Just Eat wanted access to the raw footage to share across the company for research purposes. To help them get additional value from this footage, we created a segmentation portal. This allowed Just Eat to upload all of the footage and use interactive transcripts, tags, categorisation and smart-search features to make the most of the sixteen hours of video content.


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