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The Objective

Mind wanted to create a series of animations that focussed on different areas of student mental health and provide tools and technique for students on how to manage their wellbeing.

As part of their Mentally Healthy University’s program, funded by Goldman Sachs Gives, these
videos would be aimed at students and so the content had to be creative and concise and, given the topic of the videos, we also aimed to approach the project with a sensitive voice while keeping the content engaging and informative.

The Result

We created five animations each focusing on a different topic: Five Ways to Wellbeing, Tips for Managing Stress, Tips to Help with Loneliness, Ways to Improve your Self-Esteem and Tips for Better Sleep. Each video was roughly three minutes long in order to include all necessary information whilst being short enough to stay engaging. 

Having created an animation for Mind before, we built upon the existing style and adapted this to cater towards a younger audience, featuring a diverse array of characters and facial animation in order to relate more closely with the viewer. We also ensured to use an empathetic and straightforward tone of voice to create an experience that is accessible and easy to understand.

The videos were rolled out at the beginning of 2021 and posted to their Youtube channel, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And aside from our themed videos, we also created two trailers which each have an average viewership of 25,000 across all platforms. As a result, Mind has been able to share mental health advice in a format that is engaging and easily digestible for their student audience.


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