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Penguin Random House was founded nearly 100 years ago and has been a pioneer in book publishing ever since. They recently teamed up with Ed Miliband to publish his book called “Go Big – How to Fix Our World” that finds solutions to the big issues we are currently facing in society today. Penguin approached us to produce a video for their website and social media to promote the new book. With topics based around fixing world problems, they decided intercept interviews would be the perfect tool to unlock real world insight from a vast demographic of people. 

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Penguin only wanted to ask the public one question, so the Vox Pops pool was the perfect solution for them. The Pool allowed us to ask Penguin’s question across a full day of filming and to the biggest audience possible! Proving to be an extremely cost effective way to ask one crucial question, by sharing the cost of a shoot. 

We filmed in Carnaby Street, London, as Penguin wanted to ensure we spoke to ‘progressive’, enthusiastic people that would be able to answer their question in the way that they wanted. Carnaby Street also allows for a huge footfall of different people from up and down the country which meant that we were able to speak with people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and age ranges which lead to us getting a wide range of responses and loads of great insight!

People spoke about climate change, affordable housing, better benefit systems, gender equality and racism as well as talking directly about their own experiences which was really interesting to hear. Passionate responses created really heartwarming insight, helping to highlight how much people care about world issues and particularly people less fortunate.

The final videos were fun and lighthearted whilst also delving into serious issues that the world is facing, and ended with an outro from Ed himself talking a bit about the book. Check out the video below!

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