We partnered with Science Museum to help produce social media content for their Cancer Revolution exhibition, promoting education about the ongoing history about the origins of cancer and the rising concerns in today’s world. 

They wanted to target YouTube and Instagram specifically, for both sponsored and unsponsored content, which would require multiple aspect ratios and video lengths for different uses.

Our Process

 With over 1 in 3 individuals being personally affected by cancer, we anticipated that the majority of attendees to the exhibition would have their own story behind their reasoning to attend, which is why we wanted to include vox pops. To create social media content which includes the human voice with passion, emotion and optimism accompanied by colorful visuals of the exhibition space, we found it to be the best way to promote interest.

On the day of filming, we approached attendees with our pre-prepared questionnaire and release form with an overwhelming amount of engagement. This combined with access to the exhibit before opening time allowed us to capture the space in it’s entirety, with slow, precise movements, helped create an optimistic tone for the video. This was the ultimate goal in creating successful content for social media.

The Result

We created a series of videos under 60s, combining two respondents per video to which The Science Museum could then target advertising at specific age groups, whether that be young adults, families or more mature individuals. They showed a great amount of organic engagement across their social channels too, promoting the exhibition whilst it was still live.

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