The Aim

As we approached the beginning of a new year, UK housing association Southern Housing Group wanted to use animation to harness and distribute their Corporate Plan for 2020 – 2023.

People are at the heart of Southern Housing Group’s ethos, so sharing their Corporate Plan with customers and colleagues would not only allow them to illustrate their core values and visions for the future, but it also provides their audience with transparency and a benchmark to measure their progress throughout the year.

Using animation is a great way to communicate information and create engagement.

Our Process

As a starting point, Southern Housing Group provided VPI with an existing infographic, which was used to inspire creative style frames that would embody the look and feel of the final video. We utilised exaggerated imagery (as seen in the initial infographic) to emulate Southern Housing Group’s brand presence, executing designs that were bespoke to them.

The initial infographic also featured a ‘timeline’ design which connected the characters, helping to evoke a sense of community. With this in mind, we knew it was important to continue with this theme, meaning the business animation would need to be largely character-based and follow a similar visual trajectory.

The final video followed the 5 key priorities of the Corporate Plan: Home, Customers, Communities, People, and Resources. VPI created a 3-minute script that was evenly weighted against these values, using a friendly and informative tone of voice that would bring the story to life and resonate with viewers.

We also suggested creating several versions of varied length and aspect ratio to ensure the piece was fit for all purposes i.e. social media where length and video size differs.


As a result, Southern Housing Group has been able to condense their Corporate Plan into several bite-sized video edits that boast intricate designs and compelling transitions, guaranteed to engaged audiences across all platforms. 

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