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Non-profit organisation US Apple Export Council send their products globally, but they wanted to gain wider exposure and grow their international markets. They required a versatile video to showcase the variety of  products they offer that would reach and engage audiences globally, through exhibitions, in-store demonstrations, presentations, and across websites and social media.

Our approach

Due to the travel restrictions in place we suggested a blended approach using stock footage and text based motion graphics. Typically filming this ourselves in the US and globally connecting with our international network of agency partners, on this occasion using stock footage would allow us to obtain high production vaule content whilst still  having budget at the forefront.

Text based motion graphics are always a great option to help tie the video together and create a uniformed style. This component elevates the video by providing an added layer of creativity. It also creates an impactful way to communicate key messages and phrases which transition on-screen in a dynamic way to captivate the audience. 

The most important part of this project was planning. As a first step we created a video storyboard, meaning all stock footage used in the video was pre-determined and signed off ahead of production and stock footage purchasing. Footage was also signed off by our Motion Graphics Designers to ensure each clip was suitable for added graphics.

Whilst the video editing segment was underway, one of our Motion Graphics Designers worked in line with USAEC’s branding to create a bespoke style for the graphics. The video was pieced together in stages and signed off at key intervals, allowing the project to flow smoothly and in time with deadlines. 

To allow maximum use, but also maximum engagement of this video, we also created a shorter version which naturally would be more suited for a social media audience.

The Result

The video produced was well received by USAEC’s global partner agencies, having been translated into French, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish, which made the experience more inclusive to international audiences.

Although they have yet to be showcased at a tradeshow or event, these videos will be actively used for the next few years to come to promote USAEC’s unique and quailty products.

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