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The World Gold Council are the global authority when it comes to the gold market. Their purpose is to stimulate and sustain the demand for gold, providing insights, news and education towards gold investments. In 2019, WGC spoke to 18,000 people as part of their annual research study regarding buying patterns and attitudes, and wanted to humanise this with real stories and voices, allowing another method in attracting readers to this study. 

As this study was global, video was set to be captured across 4 markets, China, India, USA and Germany as their general thoughts and ambitions towards gold differed highly, often due to religious or cultural reasons. 


The objective? To create a series of videos for marketing purposes, to be filmed in 4 countries with 6 individuals in each (in their local language), to be filmed in 4K to ensure the highest quality and future longevity.


The Challenge

First and foremost, we had to consider the recruitment criteria of the individuals to be interviewed, and specifically how this changed per country. This included the gold products they have, their level of wealth, age, life stage and so on. Combined with our proposed time spent with each individual to be about 3-4 hours which would be split by a 1 hour interview and 2-3 hours spent recording colourful b-roll, this proceeded to be a challenging feat. However, working with our recruitment agency partners in each country made this a not so strenuous task.

The other consideration regarding our approach was the equipment challenge and post-production workflow since we would be recording up to 24 hours worth of video content in each country. Being in 4K, the file sizes were also large generating around 512GB per respondent, and so each country would generate 3TB+ worth of storage space required in the field. The timeline of producing this project was unfortunately not limitless and so we had to conduct the fieldwork of India and China at the same time as Germany and the USA.

Due to the size of the project, we were also asked to obtain further marketing collateral of the cities we were filming in for future use, to maximise investment for this project. And so within the shooting schedule for each country, we dedicated entire days to obtaining video sequences from a shotguide we collaboratively created. As well as the colour graded, audio mixed, on-brand produced final edits, we also shared the RAW files from these days as a deliverable.

As always on big international projects, we only use our pool of global partners to film and produce, often sending one of our UK team to oversee the smooth running at all times with close contact every step of the way with our clients.

The Result

Despite the challenges of this demanding project, the result was well received, spearheading the research findings across all their social media channels. The power of real experiences and stories created a different dimension when it came to showcasing the research findings of the invaluable statistics and data. The high-quality aspect of the videos will also allow their videos to be visually relevant for years and years to come, as they display them alongside their report in glorious 4k.

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