Painting a picture of your international customers

How to get closer with your international customers Do you sell products or services across the globe? If so, how well do you think you understand the local markets, cultures, environments and lives of your international customers? If the answer is ‘not well enough’, we hope this blog may provide a few tips and tricks […]

The Impact Of Animation In Marketing

The impact of using animation in marketing So you’ve got an idea of how you could use animation in marketing. Here’s everything you need to know before commissioning your first (or next) video. Contact us for a free quote Quick links How much do marketing animations cost? Why use video in marketing? Why marketing animations […]

What’s New In Insight 2018?

Insight professionals from leading brands share their current approaches and challenges Vox Pops International regularly work with research and insight departments within household brands, as well as teaming up with research agencies. The common goal of these teams often involves building a personal understanding of their organisation’s target markets or consumers, as real people, and […]

University: Is It Worth It?

Students’ opinions on Student Finance and the cost of University Early 2018, VPI conducted some vox pops video research as well as a paper survey, gathering info from students surrounding their thoughts towards banks and the financial side to studying. To see how these students’ attitudes towards university, banking and the cost of studying changed […]

5 Key Insights: Millennials & Banking

5 key takeouts to consider when trying to engage Millennials with banking Vox Pops International have recently conducted some video research with Millennials, to try and understand what the key needs and barriers are when it comes to banking – here is what we have found: 1. Younger Millennials are becoming increasingly concerned about managing […]

Do We Feel Safe Online?

Public opinions towards online security Has online security gone too far? Or perhaps, not far enough… Most of the services we use are now available to access online. This means more subscriptions, and ultimately, more passwords. But how safe are our details? Should we be worried about people forcing access to our private and confidential […]

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