International Hopes and Fears for 2023

Read our blog about the power of using mobile ethnography in your research! Click Here Recently we used our global video diaries pool of participants to ask key questions. We conduct mobile ethnography for leading international brands and we wanted to get a quick snapshot of thoughts and opinions at the beginning of this new […]

Using Mobile Ethnography

There are all sorts of ways to study people, from anthropology to sociology to ethnography, all with their own approaches and methodologies. In anthropology the focus is culture, while in sociology it’s society at large that is under the microscope. Ethnography encompasses both culture and society, scientifically describing different peoples and cultures with their customs, […]

World Cup Qatar 2022: Public Reaction

The twenty second world cup is kicking off in Qatar. After a somewhat peculiar Euro 2020, delayed by Covid and played largely behind closed doors, there is a strange atmosphere surrounding the world’s biggest tournament. Pushed into winter and just 16 months after the last major tournament, excitement is strangely questioned. Once a ball is […]

How Cost of Living is Affecting Small Businesses

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone. Here at Vox Pops International we have explored this hard-hitting topic on many occasions, focusing on how individuals have been hit by economic changes. In this Video Diaries Pool, we delved deeper into the subject and focused on how small businesses have been and will be affected […]

How to: Conduct International Research

Global audiences need global representation. Meaning that country-specific research sometimes doesn’t translate to all your audiences. 9 times out of 10 the only way to find out about your international consumer is to go out and talk to them! We at Vox Pops International are specialists in video interviews and have an established international network. We have helped […]

How to Film a Vox Pop

A vox pop is a short video made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public. These video interviews investigate public opinion towards widely known topics, brands or products and are commonly used for market research. From Enquiry to final edit, Vox Pops International has streamlined the process to get you the […]

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