Does influence affect consumer behaviour?

Over recent times we have seen a huge change in how we connect with our consumer. From the uptake in online communities to the rise in the power of social media. All of it has seen individuals better connected and products better communicated, making it so much easier for everyone to see what is loved, […]

Moving into 2022 sustainably

Moving into 2022 sustainably Sustainability and responsible living have been huge topics in recent times, no more so than throughout the year of 2021. It is more important than ever to move into the new year with a clear mindset as to how you can make an individual difference through sustainable living. This theme peaked […]

Capturing video insights during lockdown

In-the-moment street video interviews with the public, also known as vox pops, have always been a key offering to our clients. That’s why last year we launched Vox Pop Syndicate shoots – so that clients could share the cost of a shoot by sharing 2 x questions into the same day of filming. Our expert […]

Londoners’ return to pubs, bars and restaurants

Using Instagram to view restaurant menus, table service at the pub and only paying via contactless – these are all small changes that the public appreciated in the face of wining and dining during a pandemic. Over the last two weeks, our video insight team has been busy researching, understanding and portraying the public’s response […]

Creating COVID-19 Health and Safety Videos

Now that businesses are opening up again, there is a huge need to educate employees on new procedures and reassure clients, colleagues and customers. Many companies are creating films that explain and demonstrate exactly what measures they’re taking. However, the guidelines for workplace safety are constantly developing and updating, so it’s important to hone: the […]

How COVID-19 lockdown affected people in the UK

How people feel after lockdown: Mental wellbeing, working from home, shopping habits, beauty regimes and more. We took to the streets when lockdown started to ease, to film our first vox pop street interviews since the UK went into lockdown. To ensure safe filming, our Cameraman and Producer used a 2 metre boom pole for […]

Producer’s perspective: Making the Covid-19 Diaries

First and foremost, before I get into this blog, I’d like to let you know that you can use the Covid-19 Diaries videos on YouTube for free in the format they currently exist for internal presentations. And, we’re already making short themed edits (including previously unused footage) for our channels and your insight. Go to […]

How to get more views on social media videos

Social media is perhaps one of the trickiest platforms for video, but also one of the most lucrative when done right. The opinions and interests of your invisible audience fluctuate constantly. There is an expectation for your content to feel natural, organic, personable. Competitors and social news outlets drive rapid change in trending topics. Get […]

Use existing footage to create compelling video content

Video footage comes in many forms and from many sources. Professionally filmed, self-filmed, online Zoom interviews, fly-on-the-wall, 360 degree, stock media, CCTV – the list goes on. Typically, in business, a video is created for a purpose, it’s used once and then it’s forgotten. We’re here to let you in on a secret… It doesn’t […]

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