Guy is a senior camera operator/editor in the VPI Production team with an awesome can-do attitude. Nothing is too much trouble for this man!

Q. So Guy, can you tell us which markets you’ve been filming in for VPI recently

So within the last 6 months, I have been actively filming in Mumbai India, Budapest Hungary, Wiesbaden Germany and Madrid Spain.

Q. What’s been your biggest challenge across these countries with respect to obtaining quality film output?

The main challenge I frequently come across with international video production, which may also seem the most obvious, is the language barrier. Whether filming in the most glamorous suburbs in Europe or in downtrodden parts of India, language issues will always be equally difficult. To obtain high-quality film often isn’t only down to technical skill-set, but also social mindset. To direct cutaways, being able to carefully place microphones and lights in the right locations with confidence, and finally set the scene for the interview itself, all takes communication to make it perfect. Body language and gesturing is key, but also being talkative and comforting to make the interviewee feel at ease.

Q. And with the more isolated in-home interviews you’ve done, what kind of cultural challenges have you faced for obtaining quality output?

The biggest cultural challenge I’ve recently faced, occurred when I was filming in-homes in the busy business district of Mumbai. London is noisy, busy, and often disruptive on occasion when filming, however this is drastically minimal compared to Mumbai. Even when inside, with all the windows bolted, shutters locked, doors closed, the excessive honking of overzealous rickshaws passing by caused big noise issues, in obtaining that perfect audio. Though with the best choice of microphone and placement of this, background noise can be kept to a minimum.

Q. What’s been your favourite field experience to date and why?

My favourite field experience to date would be a week spent in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Shooting for Unilever, where the main topic of filming was cleaning and products surrounding this, it was also my first major film shoot and the furthest I have ever travelled to date. The reasoning behind why it was my favourite experience was down to the hospitality and generosity of each person I met. While doing Vox pops, asking passers by to participate, every single person was curious and ultimately interested in taking part. The laid back café culture in the city of Rio made it an excellent location. Although I could not speak a word of Portuguese apart from the occasional ‘Olá’ or ‘Obrigado!’, each individual was completely open to my lack of linguistics and often was keen to engage me in English to the best of their ability.

Q. Where would you most like VPI to send you next for work?

If I could choose to be sent anywhere for work, it would have to be a location in Latin America. After seeing previous Vox Pops International projects which have been filmed in either Argentina or Columbia, it has given the impression that South America is full of rich culture, beautiful cities and interesting people. From those I know who have either visited for work or pleasure, both have described it as a dream location. From all of the good buzz around this, fingers crossed I’ll be there next!

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