Video content that shares your business messages

Corporate videos are purposed to explain processes, embed learning & development, share business information and sell your company CSR. We conduct & film depth interviews with your colleagues, customers and/or stakeholders to vocalise key messages and tell your story. These interviews are complemented with documentary-style filming to add visual context and really bring your message to life.

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Internal Comms

Share key messages internally by visualising key business information. Increase engagement with comms material on your company intranet or in email bulletins. Make an impact in presentations, tell a story and embed key information.

Learning & Development

Visualise business processes. Share information directly from senior leaders. Introduce brand messages. Share colleague experiences. Make workshops more exciting and create educational video content.

Marketing & PR

Create promotional video content. Demonstrate the value of your products and services. Tell the story of your company CSR. Drive PR, add value to your propositions and increase the reach of your messages.

Different styles of Corporate Videos

To share knowledge and information

Using Corporate Videos to share information is a great way of improving your learning and development processes. Whether you need to bring new starters up to scratch, explain new processes or branding, convey messages to suppliers/stakeholders or bring life to workshops & presentations; training videos are a great way to share information in an engaging and memorable way.

To promote your products or services

It’s no secret among marketeers that video content generates more shares, clicks, views, conversions and engagement than any other form of content. Visualise your products or services, tell the story of your brand and promote your organisation using compelling promotional video content.

Colleague & Stakeholder Videos

These corporate videos feature your colleagues, managers, stakeholders, suppliers or beneficiaries. This style of video allows senior or specialist spokespeople to deliver key information to camera. We will also film documentary style b-roll footage and added graphics can be included to help emphasise and explain the information they deliver.

CSR films

Do you run Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives? These videos are the perfect way to showcase the positive impact your organisation has for its consumers and the general population. Are you improving peoples lives and living standards? Are you cutting emissions and helping the environment? Whatever it is, bringing this to life on film is the best way to showcase your brand’s positive ethos.

Scenario Films

Scenario Films are set-up scenarios with professional actors (and often too sensitive to share publicly online). These videos allow you to create a script and visualise very specific processes or interactions. This is a great way to demonstrate correct/incorrect customer service or best practices. These videos are also a great way to spark discussions in workshops and get your colleagues thinking about the scenario you are depicting.

Screenshot of an actor from a scenario film we produced for an anonymous client.

Event Videos

There are a number of different uses of video content surrounding a corporate event. We often produce promo videos leading up to events, on-the-day social media video updates and summary videos following on from the event. Stylistically, these videos usually include a creative and fast-paced collection of shots and interview clips. Creative b-roll shots bring to life the event, and soundbites from key speeches or presentations are included to showcase the quality of content and calibre of attendees.

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