Consumer Segmentation & Customer Closeness Videos

VPI excel in creating consumer insight videos for segmentation studies and customer closeness programmes, both in the UK and internationally. We have teams across the world who can conduct filmed interviews with your international customers, helping your organisation to internalise the voice of your consumer and really build an understanding of their lifestyles, environments and attitudes.

Using video is undoubtedly the most powerful way to capture and present your consumer insights. Visualising your consumers helps your organisation to contextualise and connect with the real people that enable your brand. Seeing consumers present insight into their own lives by talking to your team through the camera will get people on board with your insights like no powerpoint deck could.

Our consumer films are comprised of depth interviews with your consumers in their homes or daily environments. We also film b-roll footage that demonstrates what your consumers’ worlds look like, helping to contextualise the responses that are given. This approach helps to capture honest and intimate consumer insights and present them in an engaging, emotive and professional video that you can be proud of. Another less polished but more personal approach commonly used to attain consumer insights is ethnographic mobile diaries.

VPI offers a full service, from recruitment through to post-production and our experienced moderators can capture new video insights or illustrate existing research. We are proud of the work we do to connect leading brands such as Unilever with their international consumers – in this case(-study), producing daily consumer insight videos. As part of this kind of customer closeness project, VPI also often produce video portals, or consumer channels, which allow your organisation to access your insight videos from anywhere in the world.

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