Depths & Set Up Interviews

In-depth and set up interviews are organised with individuals and groups, either in their homes, on the go or in their place of work.  They can last a few hours, days or weeks.  We film ‘B’ roll, shots that help contextualise their environment & lives. The objective is to bring to life messages and stories in an authentic setting.

We use our market research expertise to ensure that we recruit the right respondents and produce topic guides that extract the required information in a natural, authentic way. Our interviewers are empathetic and trained to draw out insightful quotes and stories based on real experiences and feelings. Through these interviews, we generate original insights, as well as gathering video footage that illustrates existing research or communicates specific messages.

We also have a lot of experience with set up interviews in the business environment with colleagues, experts, CEOs and contact centre personnel. These are typically used in training videos and marketing videos.

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