Self-filmed ethnographic video research

Mobile diaries are a great ethnographic approach and divulge real and authentic feedback from consumers. Follow respondents across a process or a specific period of time as they document their thoughts and feelings at each stage. This is a fantastic way to gain an intimate view of consumers’ lives, capturing their day-to-day actions and activities and presenting insights in a genuine and honest way.

How it works

When conducting Mobile Ethnography projects, our unique approach allows us to monitor respondents’ video diaries in real time. As a result, we are able to prompt and probe, as well as provide filming tips for our respondents! This gives us the competitive edge over quant, video survey based ethnography projects, as we are able to ensure consistency and quality in regards to both responses and video footage.

International Consumers

The nature of self-filmed videos, when combined with remote moderation, ensures a cost-effective and simple technique of capturing insights from your global consumers. VPI have a wealth of experience creating and editing international ethnography videos for market research and produce videos which are both insightful and look good!

So whether you’re looking to capture a week in the lives of your target consumer, capture the emotions across a customer journey, or attain quick snappy insights from across the globe, we can help!

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