Join us as we chat to industry experts about their journey through research and insight. Looking closely at how video has helped them throughout the years and how it might in the future.

Insight is Powerful

Introducing “Expert Voices,” the podcast that dives into the world of research and insight. Hosted by Diane Earnshaw, this podcast brings you exclusive interviews with experts from leading brands.


In each episode, our guests share their journeys into the industry and some challenges they faced along the way. They also give us an inside look at their companies and how they utilize insights to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.


From consumer behaviour to market trends, “Expert Voices” covers a range of topics that will give you a better understanding of how research and insights play a critical role in today’s business landscape.


And of course, being Vox Pops International, video will be a hot topic, with us asking about the power of methodologies and how they have allowed the individuals we interview the best results from their work.


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Tune in to our next episode on Wednesday 5th of July with Sarah from Sky

Episode one - Sarah Jousiffe

In our second conversation, Diane speaks to Sarah Jousiffe, who has been working in research at Sky for over 13 years with her current role as Head of Research. They discuss research trends, how to get cut through within big business and how their research efforts internally even affect the production of Sky Originals content!


Tune in to our next episode on Wednesday 5th of July with Jeremy Nye from Just Eat

Episode two - Jeremy Nye

In our second conversation, Diane speaks to Jeremny Nye, Global Senior Insight Manager at Just Eat. They discuss his journey, from starting out at MTV, moving onto the BBC then ultimately landing a position at Just Eat and how conducting research has changed overtime, globally.


Tune in to our next episode on Wednesday 12th of July with Nick Wales, Insight Professional

Episode three - Nick Wales

In our third conversation, Diane speaks to Nick Wales, an Insight Professional previously at AVON. They discuss the challenges of conducting research internationally and how the use of video creates a different kind of impact when shown to stakeholders and key decision makers.


Episode four - Andrew Ruingu

In our fourth conversation, Diane speaks to Andrew Riungu, a Behavioural Insights Professional, previously at META. They discuss everything from how he started working within research, his background in conducting projects globally before stepping into his role in META and the future of conducting research.


Tune in to our next episode on Wednesday 19th of July with Andrew Riungu, from META.

Episode five - Diane Earnshaw

In our final conversation for this season of the Expert Voice Podcast, Alice speaks to Diane Earnshaw, Founder & MD of Vox Pops International. They discuss how video within research has changed over the duration of the last 20 years and emerging trends insight professionals should be taking advantage of!


For any questions, please get in touch with Diane or Alice!

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Founder & MD -
Alice Sunday
Senior Video Producer -

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