Millennials Opinion On Brand Qualities

Authenticity, trust and a brand’s ability to personalise its offering. Our video research reveals that these are the qualities Millennials value most from brands……

With 63% of global consumers claiming they would buy from a company they consider more Authentic over all other competitors, it is now more important a brand maintains personal media presence with consumers. Millennials are currently the most loyal brand generation due to their immersion in new technological advances; their exposure to the digital world heightens their awareness of brands.

Consumers are becoming increasingly vocal about what they expect from brands. Honesty is absolutely key to many brands success with 91% of customers believing brands’ should represent their product honestly to the public. This level of scrutiny leads brands to take extra care around product transparency.

Equally important is Personalising the face of a brand. Pixlee has asserted that 73% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant; this might be through personalised marketing and discounts, such as the video below we created for Co-op Insurance.

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