Millennials not surprised they look at phones 85 times a day

Millennials are not surprised that they look at their mobile phones as many as 85 times a day, with 72% saying it sounded low or the right amount, supporting a study last year by Nottingham Trent University which found that people aged between 13 and 33 looked at their phones on average 85 times a day.

This video research was undertaken as part of Vox Pop International’s ongoing 2016 Millennialstalk project – where over 150 people have been interviewed to date on a number of topics including finance, healthy eating, brands and social media.

This new research from Vox Pops International looked at mobile phones, usage, reasons for purchasing, and attitudes towards mobile providers.

Key insights were that:

The phone is the first thing millennials look at when they wake up, and the last thing at night. 

Millennials use their phones for social media, telling the time, email, messaging friends, navigation and news.

Phones are compulsive, looking at them is an instinctive action throughout the day, some might say an addiction.

About a quarter of the millennials who took part in the study who didn’t agree that they looked at their phone as many as 85 times a day. They thought this seemed “bizarre” and a “shame” that people are having that much contact with their phones at the possible expense of human interaction.

Other key findings were:

The majority of millennials used Apple products because they are easy to use and offered all the services required.

The influence of parents in the choice of mobile phone providers and the reluctance to switch to another mobile phone provider.

To watch other videos from the research on topics ranging from mobile handsets and network providers to loyalty and phone usage, visit our Students & Young People YouTube playlist.

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