Millennials are overspending on toiletries every month as a result of the growing variety of products available to add to their daily personal care routines.

Most millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – said they spent between £15-£30 a month on personal care products, with some admitting to spending upwards of £100.

They were surprised to hear that the average single person should be able to live with a £11.65 budget* for personal goods items including: soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, cream and hand gels and wipes.

As part of our high street video research,

We set millennials a challenge to live on an imaginary desert island with just three toiletries to discover which were the most popular essential items.

Smell and the sensation of feeling clean were also the key reasons for respondents choosing the next two most popular essential items – deodorant and shampoo body wash.

Toothpaste was the clear leader at the top the list as millennials revealed they wanted their mouths to feel and smell pleasant.

This video research was undertaken as part of Vox Pop International’s ongoing 2016 Millennialstalk project – where over 150 people have been interviewed to date on a number of topics including finance, healthy eating, brands and social media.

Our research also revealed that despite wanting to use environmentally friendly products, most millennials were still driven by price when it came to choosing what products to buy.

Tradition and packaging size also played a key role for millennials when choosing what products to consume – along with whether they get the results they were looking for.

Get in touch for more information on this research or any research in the Millennialstalk project.

*According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Minimum Income Standard report.

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