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Does your consumer segmentation need refreshing? Or do you need to get your customer portrait off paper and into something more visually and emotionally impactful? Then book a free Video Segmentation Session with us today to be inspired, learn more and get started.

We have been helping brands get under the skin of their customers for years, and through video we have visualised target consumers for brands such as Unilever, Costa, Prudential, Sky, Innocent and Penguin Random House. Whether you choose to feature real people, illustrate insights through animation, or use a combination of both – we can help you embed customer understanding throughout your organisation through creative video.

Meet Guy. In this segmentation video we’ve combined user-generated footage, creative editing to define the story, and interactive capabilities for exploration into different aspects of his life. To see more styles and examples, book your Segmentation Session below.

If you are looking to embed customer understanding throughout your organisation, want to bring your customer pen portrait to life or need to refresh your existing segmentation, then this is what you can expect from the Segmentation Session;

  • Different approaches to segmentation films
  • Different styles of filming and animation
  • Examples of how customer films are used throughout organisations
  • How to make the films accessible to all in your business

To request a session with us fill in the form below. If you would like a quick chat in the meantime then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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