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Now is the perfect time to harness the power of animation video

Animation videos carry many merits. But now is the time more than ever to harness them for your needs.

Why? Firstly, animation production services are a fast process. Animations can be started at speed and made remotely, removing the worry of navigating social distancing measures around live shoots. Right now, the benefits of online video content in 2020 are undeniable. 95% of marketers surveyed in Wyzowl’s 2020 Marketing Survey reported that using video increased the understanding of their product and service, while 88% of them reported a positive return on investment as a result of their videos.

Secondly, animations are immensely effective at communicating, clarifying and breaking down information for a wide variety of purposes – especially at a time when companies need to touch base with their workforce, other businesses and consumers who are at a further reach than usual.

Below are prime examples of how companies can utilize specific kinds of animation to access their audience better.

Harness Animation to Explain! Examples from Co-op and Marks & Spencers

You might be familiar with the “Explainer Animation”. These are immensely useful. Wyzowl reports that 83% of companies with explainer videos on their homepage say that the media contributed to conversions, while 36% of people would like to see more explainer video content for informing themselves on services and products. The great benefits of an animation explainer mean that you can give shape and movement to any concept, process or world that you want to present to the viewer. In animation, there are no constraints! The illustrations can be detailed and technical, stylised and artistic or as simple and clear as you wish!

The Co-op Insurance used a hugely successful personalised explainer animation video to engage and build a rapport with 100,000 customers by delivering a friendly and clear personalised animation video summarising key data and points of their insurance policy. The content revealed in the video was personalised throughout. The video opened by addressing the customer by their first name through voiceover and on-screen text. The customised statistics are creatively revealed throughout and were specific to the individual receiver. The animation has a cheerful, colourful and no-fuss aesthetic to forge trust and an amiable bond between the customer and brand. This was made in partnership with a personalised animation service called Idomoo which reports x2 greater engagement with personalised animated content.

See the delightful personalised animation video for Co-op Insurance here.

Another great example is Marks & Spencer’s learning and development explainer animation video. Animation is well-known for enhancing learning due to its ability to directly lay out information through specially created scenes, characters, symbols, movement transitions and text to convey meaning. In this case, Marks & Spencer wanted an informative and enthusiastic piece to kickstart their Food Buying Academy launch, explain what it’s all about and inspire their employees taking part.

As the video featured in opening the launch, they wanted a strong sense of their own design, so their branding style is an indelible part of the animation. So each illustration was created with the indelible Marks & Spencer style, colour and delicate thin lines.

See the M&S explainer animation video here.

“Explainer Animations” are perfect ensuring your viewer comes away from the video knowing more. Use them to convey a story, break down a dynamic process or give a holistic and clear understanding of your company or product to viewers.

Harness animation to make your data and words leap out and stick with consumers! Example from The Runaway Helpline

65% of people are visual learners, according to the noteworthy Mind Tools study in 1998. Illustrations, charts and diagrams, written text and movement are intrinsic to the animation format, it serves to better relay messages and information. “Data Visualisation” through animation is an excellent way to illuminate numbers, reports and findings in a clear and concise manner. Engage your viewers using on-screen comparisons, illustrations and graphics, motion effects, voice and sounds so your viewers can fully grasp the meaning of your data.

Meanwhile, Missing People used a successful “Kinetic Typography” animation video to emphasize the stories through highlighting the words in their script to reach young people who may need to use their Runaway Helpline and promote their services. The video sensitively and creatively tells the stories of five at-risk individuals through illustrations, sweeping transitions, animated text and voiceover. The words and voices of the characters in the video linger on-screen and transition with emotion to encapsulate the various scenarios and feelings that someone may be in who needs to seek help.

“Kinetic Typography” and “Data Visualisation” animations are direct and potent visual communicators for a wide range of uses, from social media ads to online learning or internal comms content.

See Missing People’s Kinetic Typography animation video here.

Harness clever programming to inject your data into reactive and bespoke animations

Educational psychologists, Schnotz and Rasch, recognised animation as effective tools in visualizing quantitative data among many other things. “Automated Animations” are an excellent way to captivate and reveal the consequences of data and statistics, especially from regular reports. Clients including HSBC and a leading broadcaster have adopted these automated animations to great success. The animation outcome is reactive to your data, which is fed through a spreadsheet and translated into specially made clever programme expressions. This, in turn, generates a specific animated scene or movements to reveal the effect of your data. It’s like having a story with multiple plotline directions. Sounds complex? Watch our explainer about automated animations.

An automated animation is perfect for reporting on social media stats on a regular basis or relaying routinely updated information from synced spreadsheets on numbers you habitually track. They present the perfect way to reach remote employees to share this information.

Automated Animation Testimonial

“Vox Pops were an integral part of our communication messaging. They were able to help us transform a complicated multi-country dataset into a coherent, beautifully animated final product that conveyed the crucial key messages of the data across our entire business internationally. We have never had so much positive feedback from our stakeholders!”

If you’d like to talk through animation needs further – get in touch!

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