New Membership Offer from Vox Pops International

VPI  launch a new vox pops membership with the aim of providing clients with a steady stream of cost effective, moderated video interviews with the public, available via an online portal.


These videos with real people can be used for supporting market research insights, for building consumer panels and for social media and marketing initiatives.


How it Works

Clients submit 4 open-ended questions either on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  As this is a bespoke service they can select the demographic that they want interviewing.  The number of interviews will vary depending on recruitment criteria but typically will be about 8.


We anticipate 40 mins of video footage each phase and this is then edited into 4 short 1-2  min videos featuring the best clips and arranged by theme.


We then upload the videos into a platform and tag them by theme for searching purposes.


Discounts on other services

Vox Pops are our bread and butter – what you may not know however is that we also offer animated infographics, automated and personalised animations, explainer videos, video diaries, video editing and storytelling services.


Vox pops members will get a discount of up to 15% on all of these.


Get in touch for more information.  See below to access the full proposal.

Gif of a mic boom to denote customer interviews.

Vox Pops videos For £750

October special offer

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