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New Membership Offer from Vox Pops International

We are launching a brand new initiative that involves conducting vox pops every week around the UK. This will give you a steady stream of ongoing video interviews with the public.  In addition to this, you will be able to add your own unique questions on a regular basis according to your membership tier. Access all of your videos as well as our on-going weekly research via your own unique video portal.

Vox pops members will get a discount of up to 15% on all other vox pops services including video diaries, professional filming  & editing and animation, dependant on membership status.

Click below to access the full membership documentation and find out more.


Click here to access VPI membership pdf.

Intercept Vox Pops

Intercept vox pops are a great way to gather in-the-moment, spontaneous reactions to events, campaigns and to get feedback on brands, issues and current affairs.

Our vox pops are qualitative research interviews lasting c.10 minutes and we use open-ended questions and probes to explore key themes.  These insight videos support quantitative data and add colour and life to data-driven reports.  Using video brings people to life in a way that slides simply can’t do.

We work responsibly, observing social distancing and health regulations.

The difference between these vox pops and online ones are that we use trained moderators who understand clients’ objectives and focus on getting insightful and considered responses.

Our professional camera ops make sure the interviews are well filmed, lit with great audio.

Once we have the footage we review it, pull out quotes that best illustrate the key findings, organise by theme, tell a story and add in any other stats, background and data as required. This gives you, the client,  a short 2.5 min video that they can share and that tells a whole story, whatever the topic.

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