Vox Pops Now: Add x2 questions to our November shoot and get a short edit for research or promo for £750

Get filmed video insights from real people and put customers at the heart of your business. Vox Pop intercept interviews bring presentations to life and add colour and context to research and data.

We are heading out to capture insights from the public in the first week of November. You have the opportunity to share 2 questions for this upcoming Vox Pop Shoot. From this we’ll edit the intercept interview footage and create a short ‘best of’ video edit from the fieldwork insights.

This is an excellently speedy and cost-effective way of getting professional video insights for your research or marketing use.

To register your interest please submit your questions below and we’ll be in touch!

If you’re interested in getting the latest insights throughout the year, we are launching a new membership service which will be set up to provide professionally filmed and moderated video interviews on a regular basis to members. You can check this out here.


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