Confessions of a Working Parent – Kellogg’s

Depth interviews featuring 8 working mums and dads, exploring the challenges parents face having to juggle childcare and full-time work, as well as their reliance on breakfast clubs for their kids.


Kellogg’s approached VPI following a national study with over 2,000 working parents to create a short, emotional film to add to their PR campaign and help bring their research findings to life.

So that we could truly understand some of the struggles working parents endure, we asked respondents to write down on a white board some of their most secret parenting confessions. These included missing out on ‘first steps’ and ‘school performances’, as well as wanting to ‘go out with friends more’ and ‘going to work for a break’.

The final 2 minute video was used in a PR piece by Kellogg’s to spread awareness of their support for breakfast clubs across the country and add to their national research study.




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