Morpace – Automotive Animation

Morpace, on behalf of their client Jaguar Land Rover, approached VPI looking to create a simple and engaging animation on the subject of alternative engines and electric vehicles to be shown at an automotive conference.

As a way of educating people on the key benefits of owning an electric vehicle, the client wanted the animation to focus on two contrasting viewpoints – the sceptical ‘ordinary’ consumer vs the ‘expert’ electric vehicle owner.

We created two short, yet similar animations, each focused on a contrasting viewpoint:

The first brought to life some common questions and concerns about electric vehicles and the second provided the answers, sourced from owners of electric vehicles.

The two c. 1 minute animations were designed to be concise, informative and fun, ultimately to quash some of the stereotypes surrounding electric vehicles and promote their benefits.

They were shown at the MRS Automotive Conference to the industry’s leading car brand.


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