World Vision

Our client at World Vision wanted a consumer film that brought to life their target audience who they call "Jennifer".

They wanted the film to show an insight into her life at home filming friends,family and discussing the emotive subject of how it felt when her children left home for the first time to live at college and university. It was important the film told a story through the eyes of Jennifer capturing emotions of melancholy but also hope and optimism for the future.

We used “real” respondents in the film but kept to a tight discussion guide that allowed for a strong narrative ensuring we told Jennifer’s Story. This 4 minute film is now used by World Vision to ensure everyone working at the charity knows who “Jennifer” is and what really matters to her. This is a great example of showing the power of Video to tell a Consumer Story and elicit real Emotion in the subject matter.


Jennifer World Vision Consumer Video
Jennifer World Vision Consumer Video

Client Testimonial

“ Vox Pops did a brilliant job for us of producing a high quality and authentic film that really brings out target audience, Jennifer, to life and enables us staff to connect emotionally with her. They recruited a group of real life Jennifers who opened their homes and their lives to us and produced a piece of film that got right to the heart of what life is life for Jennifer. The film has enabled our staff and agencies to connect with Jennifer more deeply and our key insights into her. I was amazed by the quality of the Vox Pop’s filming and their ability to create a compelling and authentic story and layer the film with subtle cues that convey as much as the words spoken. I also appreciated their collaborative approach and ability to adapt to our vision while never losing sight of their expertise, which was crucial to the final quality of the film. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and the team at Vox pops to anyone who wants to bring their target audience to life on film. ”
- World Vision


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