VPI Video Portal Feature Tiers

Tier Features Simple Plus Premium
Video Upload
File Upload
File Tagging
Library Filter
Search Function
Feature Dashboard
Customer Branding
Interactive Transcripts*
File Limit
20 Files
150 Files
Annual Payment
+ Monthly Maintenance
Monthly Payment, inc. Maintenance

*The premium level video portal costs above include the added functionality of interactive transcripts. The task of transcribing video footage is not included within this cost. If you require footage to be transcribed, that will be charged as extra. As a guideline, transcription typically costs between £140 – £175 per hour of video footage.

Added Extras

Vox Pops International offers the option for you to select features that are right for your business. If you would like to discuss a bespoke portal and select specific features, get in touch for a quotation.

Vox Pops International also allows the option for added customisation in terms of design, functionality or features. If you have a specific requirement that you need to incorporate, get in touch.

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