Insight videos that enliven your data, empower your research and fuel your message

We fuse research and production expertise to create insight videos that capture attention and drive change. We tell stories which take you closer to your consumers, producing creative videos that capture new insights, help illustrate your existing research, or a bit of both!

Using research in insight, either to capture or deliver the findings is on the rise. Read our White Paper to find out more. We have exceptional experience in this area, we merge market research skills with video production expertise in-house. We are passionate about bringing the consumer story to life on film and making data more accessible for everyone via creative animations.

We provide a complete service including recruitment, topic guides, debriefs, analysis, selection and ordering of video clips and creative editing.  We work with clients on their customer closeness programmes, advising on how to use & share videos in the best possible way to put your customers at the heart of your business.  Our animations and films get the cut through you need and elevate the role of insights in a business, turning research findings into an actionable communication tool.

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