Learn the do's and don'ts for creating video content

YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. On average, people are spending 20 minutes a day viewing online video on mobile devices, and it’s predicted that within 3 years 90% of the world’s online traffic will be video based.

Baring that in mind, learning to master video content is essential for any business looking to engage with its consumers in a modern and conventional way.

Vox Pops International run best practice sessions where we talk you through some simple but effective tips to bear in mind when conceptualising video content. These include the 6 steps to creating memorable films touched on in the video below, along with a lots of other bits of useful info.

To enquire about best practice sessions, please contact us. Alternatively, for more information surrounding the use and application of video in business, take a look through our opinion pieces, which offer advice on topics such as the benefits of animation in business, video in research, creating the perfect target consumer film and best practice in video.