Sugar tax will put millennials off drinks, as price remains key

Video research indicates that millennial consumers will cut down on sugary drink consumption off the back of the UK government’s sugar tax, as they are reluctant to pay a higher price for ‘unhealthy’ products.

Despite being aware of the negative impact sugary drinks and food products high in sugar, salt and fat could have on their health; millennials purchasing decisions were largely driven by price, exclusive research by Vox Pops International reveals.

Most respondents continued to eat ‘unhealthy’ products – such as fast food, fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and foods high in sugar, salt and fat – because they were cheaper and easier to consume.

Despite feeling that they should swap their current diet for one high in lean meat, protein, fish, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, millennials still feel there is not enough information about the nutritional pros and cons of food and drink.

Schools should be largely responsible for educating people on nutrition, our research finds.

Despite highlighting food and drink manufacturers has having a responsibility to educate on food and drink, respondents feel they can not be trusted to provide honest information that might put people off buying their products.

But, millennials still highlighted the food and drink packaging labels as the number one place to look for nutritional information. Google and blogs were also popular sources for food and drink nutritional information identified by millennial consumers.

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